Can I match Shopify payouts to a QuickBooks Deposit?

Match deposits from Shopify to QuickBooks

How does it work?

Connex will automatically download your Shopify payout, find matching orders by order number, add the deposit with a line for fees. This guide assumes that you already set-up Shopify and you already synced sales matching the payout.

Can I merge all sales and refunds onto a single sale?

We recommend the summary payout feature for this requirement. If you sync sales by status, like fulfilled, or if you update orders the summary works best.

When does it work?

If the date is 2/27 and your download timers say 2/26 or earlier, then Connex will download the payout. For QuickBooks Desktop users, the sync usually runs in the morning. For QuickBooks Online, the deposit matching happens around midnight.

How do I set-up the deposit tool?

Please read this guide.

How do I troubleshoot the integration?

Please read this guide.

Do you support updating orders in Shopify?

An updated order appears as a credit card refund and a sale in QuickBooks. Our tool will match both transactions to the deposit.

How do I upload the payout spreadsheet manually?

In some cases, you can choose to upload the payout spreadsheet manually. This may happen, if you want to match historically of if you have a large amount of sales. To upload the payout, follow these steps:

  1. Log into Shopify.
  2. On the right, click view payouts.
  3. Download the payout that you wish to match.
  4. Click export and save it as a plain CSV file.
  5. Go back to Connex.
  6. When in your settings, on left, click match deposits
  7. Upload the spreadsheet to Connex by clicking select payout.
  8. Find your saved CSV file.