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What if the order total in QuickBooks Desktop and my website are different?

Is the order total different between QuickBooks and the integration? If so, this article reviews common causes and how to remedy them.


Building to enable different pieces of complicated software to communicate with one another can be tricky. While rare, it is possible for order total discrepancies to occur. Specifically, despite what is shown in a given integration, you may encounter a different order total in QuickBooks.


Common causes include the presence of grouped items, as the price of grouped items is always the sum of their constituent parts and cannot be overridden. In addition, discrepancies in order total can occur, as different systems may calculate sales tax (including Value-added Tax or Goods and Services Tax) differently. Ultimately, this will result in an order total discrepancy.


Connex will detect the difference and add an amount to correct the discrepancy. This will allow the transaction to balance and ultimately sync successfully to QuickBooks. Else, the transaction would fail and result in an error message returned from QuickBooks.

Can you show me an example?

Here are three examples:

  1. Order total is 800.01, but QuickBooks says $800. You will see a line that says TotalOff for a penny:
  2. Order total is 799.99, but QuickBooks says $799. You will see a line that says orderdiscount:
  3. If the order contains a grouped item, its price is the sum of its items. In this example, we have a grouped item. The order was $140, but QuickBooks calculates $150: