QuickBooks Desktop Error Messages

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account

To create sales and new items, our tool fills in an account from your settings. In this example, you will see all accounts are blank.

Why does this error occur?

In QuickBooks, some users have no access to the chart of accounts. If you log in to QuickBooks as a non-admin and install Connex, this error can occur. Our tool asks for the chart of accounts and QuickBooks refuses access, Therefore, our tool can populate no drop downs of accounts. If your deposit account was blank, then our tool would show this error:

While trying to Add a(n) Sales receipt with order number of 88374, QB responded There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks DepositToAccount "" in the SalesReceipt.

How do I resolve this error?

You must log into QuickBooks as admin and refresh the lists. Here are the steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, login as the admin.
  2. Log into Connex.
  3. Click manage.
  4. Below the page title, you will see a link saying to refresh them. Click the link: 
  5. Run your web connector.
  6. Connex will redirect you to the configure page.
  7. Expand the first area of our configure page.
  8. Enter a sync date or a list of order numbers.
  9. Expand new order and product accounts.
  10. Choose the proper accounts.
  11. Click submit.

Do I always have to sync as admin?

No, you can sync as a lower user. If you refresh your lists, you must login as admin.

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