Sync Orders from QuickBooks Desktop

Sync Orders from QuickBooks Desktop to ShipStation

Connex can sync orders to and from ShipStation. We call this a two-way sync. You can sync orders one way, or both. This guide will explain how to set up syncing orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation.

How do I connect to ShipStation

You must obtain an API key and API secret from ShipStation. Here are the steps:

  1. Log into ShipStation.
  2. On the top right, click the gear icon
  3. On the Left click account> API Settings  
  4. If you don't see the keys, click regenerate API Keys.
  5. Login to our software.
  6. On the my connections page, choose ShipStation.
  7. Enter your API key and API secret.
  8. Leave the URL as
  9. Click submit.
  10. Follow the steps in this article to pair your ShipStation account to your QuickBooks company file:  Getting Started: Pair the Web Connector

How do I configure orders from QuickBooks to ShipStaton?

After walking through the Connex for QuickBooks Configuration Wizard, make sure your settings allow orders to flow from QuickBooks to ShipStation. There are 4 main areas to configure (highlighted below)

  1. From the Dashboard, click Manage at your ShipStation connection
  2. Expand the Orders> Sync orders from QuickBooks Tab
  3. Place a checkmark before Sync orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation
  4. If you want some orders, but not all of them, you can sync orders with a class (see below for more information)
  5. Choose what types of orders you want to sync to ShipStation
  6. Choose which store in ShipStation you want these orders to flow to

QuickBooks to ShipStation-1

Should I use a class to sync orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation? 

You can sync all new orders from QuickBooks to ShipStaiton, or just certain orders.  If you want all orders, leave the Sync orders with Class field blank. Any new order that is created in QuickBooks will sync with the next automatic sync.  If you want only some orders, you can flag those orders with a class of ShipStation. If you add an order class of ShipStation, Connex will sync only orders with that class at the next automatic sync. 

QuickBooks to ShipStation Class

    How does duplicate checking work?

    Our software pulls all sales within 48 hours from the manual orders store in ShipStation, unless you selected another store. If the order has a tracking number in QuickBooks, then our tool skips adding the order. If the order has no tracking number and it is older than 48 hours, then our tool will resync it. ShipStation has a special field called order key, which we map to the order number. No two sales can have the same order key.

    How do the fields map?

    Here is a diagram:

    QuickBooks ShipStation
    Ship Date Ship by Date
    Order Number Order Number
    Order Date Order Date
    Total Tax Total Tax
    Item Name / Number Line Item SKU
    Item Quantity Line Item Quantity
    Item Price Line Item Price
    Item Warehouse Line Item Warehouse
    Item Bin Not mapped
    Item Unit of Measure Not mapped
    Custom Fields Custom Field1, 2, or 3
    Sales Terms Custom Field 3
    PO Number Custom Field 2
    Shipping Method Requested Shipping Service


    How do the address fields map?

    Billing Address in QuickBooks

    Billing Address in ShipStation


    Is there a demonstration Video? 

    Note, skip to the 8:15 minute mark to see an example of an order syncing from QuickBooks to ShipStation.