Sync a large number of orders using the Connex Database

How to sync a large order volume.

Sync a large number of orders using the Connex Database

Connex is programmed to sync approximately 50-250 orders per sync into QuickBooks. This limitation is related to the QuickBooks Web Connector application that may "time out" after two minutes while it waits to receive your orders. The Web Connector application responds with it's own error message: "Authentication Failed". 

Here is a screenshot of the error:


When the order volume is large, we may recommend using an internal setting called "insert orders in bulk". This advanced setting (to be turned on by a Connex representative) allows Connex to download your orders to our own database instead of directly from your e-commerce platform into QuickBooks. These orders in the Connex database reside in the Connex Pending Queue, ready to sync into QuickBooks.

Pro Tip

Encountering the Authentication failed error from the Web Connector? There could be other reasons why. Check out our detailed documentation to learn why this may occur and how to troubleshoot it.

How to Download Orders from the Connex Database

  1. The insert orders in bulk setting must be turned by a Connex representative.
  2. Adjust the sync dates in the Connex account to download orders:
    • At the Connex Dashboard, click the "Manual Sync" button next to your Selling Channel.
    • Adjust the Start Date and End Date and click the Sync Now button.
    • Run the QuickBooks Web Connector either Manually or set it to Auto-Run. 

How do I see what orders are ready to download?

Connex has a menu area where you can preview the orders in the Connex database waiting to sync into QuickBooks.

Here are the steps to view orders:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. At the Connex Dashboard, click the manage button next to your Selling Channel.
  3. Expand the Orders menu.
  4. Expand the Pending Orders menu
  5. Expand Queue menu.

Here is an example report:

When Can I Expect my Orders to Sync into QuickBooks?

The amount of time to sync transactions depends on several factors:

  1. If you chose invoices and payments, the software will check for duplicate invoices and payments one by one. The software goes from Connex to QuickBooks for each invoice and payment. The operation takes about a second per order and payment to complete.
  2. The system matches the customer on each order to an order in QuickBooks.

For example, if you had two hundred orders matching by QuickBooks Last Name First Name with payments, there are six hundred requests. It would take approximately ten minutes to sync the orders.

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