How do I customize a zap that syncs orders to QuickBooks?

Connex can integrate with all Zapier apps.

What events are available?

Connex listens to the new order event. Any sale that you create will sync to Connex.

How do I create a custom zap?

In this example, we will make a custom zap based on our Shopify template. If your template is unlisted, you can use this example as a guide. 

  1. In Zapier, click create zap.
  2. Choose Shopify: 
  3. As the trigger event, enter new order:
  4. Under action, map the fields:

Map Zapier Fields

If a field mapping is missing, please contact us.

Here is a diagram of fields:

Field Notes
Order Number QuickBooks order number field
Order Date QuickBooks order date field
Order Status Can be used for rules. No mapping in QuickBooks.
Total Tax Used to map tax codes or make orders in QuickBooks taxable.
Total Merchant Fees Used to add merchant fees to QuickBooks sales.
Total Discount Used to map discounts to QuickBooks
Currency Code Used to map currency codes to QuickBooks customers.
Is Expense Used to create POs or bills in QuickBooks.
Private Notes  
Invoice Number A number that could be mapped as the QuickBooks order number. Otherwise, not used.
Account ID Not used.
Customer ID Not used.
Shipping Method Maps a shipping line item to QuickBooks.
Credit card name Payment method in QuickBooks sales.
Billing address email Email of customer in QuickBooks.
Billing address Billing address on QuickBooks sale.
Shipping address Shipping address on QuickBooks sale.
Order Items SKU, Quantity, Price, Line Item Description. SKU matches QuickBooks item name.
Class Used to map the QuickBooks class

Test the sync

At the end of the mapping, click continue. When asked to test, submit an order to us. Log into Connex. Next to Zapier, click manage. Expand pending orders. You should see a sale in there:

Run the web connector to sync.

If a sale fails to sync, how do I resync it?

Once you run your web connector, the sale is deleted from our database. This means if it fails, you must open the sale and update it. This will cause a resync. For a future release, our tool will only remove sales from our database that successfully sync.