Why is there an item called rounding on my order?

In some cases, the order total and the QuickBooks total are different. These cases include tax rounding and bundled items. To balance the sale, our software adds or removes an amount on the order.

I use no bundles, but my tax is a penny different.

In this case, our software will add or remove the penny from the sale. QuickBooks rounds to two decimal places, but some e-commerce solutions round to more than two places.

I used bundled items and I see an item called rounding.

A bundled item's price is the sum of its items and it has no price. If the bundled price is $100 and the order total is $200, then you will have a $100 discrepancy. Our tool will add a line called rounding with a positive or negative number to balance the sale. In this example, there is a $60 discrepancy:

In this case, almost none of the bundled items have a price. The customer should add $60 to one of the items or spread the $60 among the group.




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