Incorrect Orders Troubleshooting

Why do I have duplicate sales in QuickBooks Desktop?

Information on why duplicate sales sync to QuickBooks. Troubleshooting tips to avoid this and how to prevent future occurrences.

Why do I have duplicate sales in QuickBooks Desktop?

Often times, transaction duplication can occur if order numbers are changed or modified - especially if changed after Connex syncs the order to QuickBooks. 

In addition, with QuickBooks, each transaction type - estimates, sales orders, invoices, sales receipts - has it's own unique order numbering. For example, in QuickBooks, it is possible to have Sales order ABC123 and Sales Receipt ABC123.

How does Connex prevent duplication?

Connex doesn't historically save or store order data. Therefore, when a sync is run, Connex checks QuickBooks to see if a transaction already exists in QuickBooks by comparing the order numbers. If there's a match, Connex will skip it.

In addition, with QuickBooks Next Number enabled, Connex will likewise check against the MEMO field to ensure there's no duplication.

How do I troubleshoot duplicate orders?

1. Ensure you are auto-running the Web Connector auto sync on only one machine. If you sync the same sales from two different machines at the same time, you could get duplicate sales.

2. Connex treats invoice #1 and sales order #1 as different orders. Ensure you mapped the orders correctly.

3. Ensure that order numbers haven't been changed, edited, or otherwise altered in any way during the order's lifecycle.

4. If you use QuickBooks Next Number, we map duplicate by order date and MEMO field. Please make sure that no changes were made to the MEMO field.

Issues persist. What should I send to support?

If you've verified the above is correct, now it's time to get in touch with our support team. To ensure the fastest possible response and solution, please kindly send these details:

1. Screenshot of the duplicates in QuickBooks.

2. Please confirm that the order numbers and order dates of the duplicates are identical.

3. Did you recently change how our software maps order numbers to QuickBooks? Did you change to using the next number from QuickBooks? If so, you will get duplicates if you resync.

4. Please send the order numbers and dates from your ordering solution. A handful will do.

5. If you use the next number from QuickBooks, confirm that the order date and the QuickBooks order date match. Confirm that the order number exists in the QuickBooks memo field on the bottom left.