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Why do I have duplicate payments in QuickBooks Desktop?

Duplicates may result if you sync orders while also hand entering some into QuickBooks. The article explains how to avoid this.


Connex syncs duplicate payments because you sync no invoices or your payments were hand entered.


  1. Did you hand enter payments in QuickBooks Desktop? If so, they could look different than a payment we would sync.
  2. If the invoice has a $0 balance, then no payments would sync. Was there a balance on the invoice?
  3. Are you syncing sales orders, no invoices, and payments? If you hand entered some payments, this could cause errors. The $0 invoice balance will never apply.

What if issues persist?

Please contact us with these details:

  1. Screenshot from QuickBooks of duplicates. You can use the Windows Snipping Tool or SnagIt.
  2. When did the issue start to occur?
  3. On what connection did the issue occur?



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