Customer Matching Troubleshooting

Why do I have duplicate customers in QuickBooks Desktop?

Information on how to avoid duplicate customers in QuickBooks desktop.

Why do I have duplicate customers in QuickBooks Desktop?

While desktop versions of QuickBooks will not allow two customers to have the exact same customer name, if you encounter potential duplicate customer records in QuickBooks there are a couple of possibilities as to why.

Wrong Customer Matching Chosen

Customer chooses first name last name as the customer match. In QuickBooks, the customer is last name, first name. (screenshot of image)

Our software treats Joe Example and Example, Joe as different customers. Connex matches based upon the QuickBooks Desktop customer name field:


While they may technically be the same customer, because the formatting is different, QuickBooks treats these customer records are unique.

Mapping Billing or Shipping

Connex matches the billing address name or company to the QuickBooks customer name field. 

From our configure page, you can choose shipping address first and last name or company: (needs screenshot)



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