Amazon Settlement Report

Why are my Amazon settlement report orders incorrect?

Common reasons why your Amazon settlement report in QuickBooks does not match the settlement report in Amazon.

How do I troubleshoot?

Our software combines the sales and refunds into a single order. It's easier to troubleshoot, if it's a refund versus a sales issue:

  1. In QuickBooks, delete the summary sale.
  2. In Connex, click manage.
  3. Expand orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > summary sale.
  4. Uncheck merge refunds with summary order.
  5. Resync your summary sale.
  6. Using your Amazon report, determine if both sales are correct.

Why is my total incorrect?

Here are the most common reasons:

  1. You are grouping sales by month or fulfillment channel. At times, fees or Amazon reserve amounts are omitted. If the fees exceed the total of the sale, Connex removes them. When orders are split, the fees are split. Income must exceed expenses. To resolve this issue, click manage on our configure page. Expand Orders->Sync Orders to QuickBooks->Summary Sale. Under Group Summary Transactions, select Payment Method. All Amazon sales will appear on a single sales receipt.
  2. We have seen users upload different reports and compare them to the wrong payout. Click manual sync on our configure page. Use the date, instead of uploading a file. At times, you could upload an XML file for a deposit on 10/27 when you are really seeking a deposit on 11/12. If your deposit happened on 11/12, then enter 11/11 as the date to try.
  3. Connex will combine multiple reports into one summary. If you uploaded files for the 10/27 and 11/12 deposit, then you would get one sales receipt. You should upload files if you need to sync farther than 60 days back or your account fails to send the report automatically.
  4. You use QuickBooks grouped items. The price of a grouped item is calculated by QuickBooks. If Amazon says $200 and QuickBooks says $100, then our tool will sync $100. Connex can add an amount to the sale to balance it.  To resolve this issue, click manage on our configure page. Expand orders > sync orders to QuickBooks > advanced transaction. Check fix rounding issues.
  5. Connex adds the refunded items to the summary. You can split the refunds and sales into separate orders. To resolve this issue, click manage on our configure page. Expand Orders->Sync Orders to QuickBooks->Summary Sale. Uncheck "Merge refunds with summary order".

After trying all of these steps and if the issues persist, the next step is to find the discrepancy and contact us.

How do I contact you about discrepancies?

We do not check settlement report totals against spreadsheets for users. If you can tell us what is wrong, then our team can provide assistance. Please send these details:

  1. In Connex, what date did you enter to sync the order? If you uploaded an XML file, please attach it to the ticket.
  2. PDF copy of QuickBooks order.
  3. Flat file report of the period.
  4. What is wrong with the sale? Missing items? Wrong or duplicate fees?

You should start our with the settlement report spreadsheet. In Amazon, go to your settlement report. Download the flat file V2 report:


Check the sales receipt and fees. Do they match? Are fees missing? If so, which ones? Usually, fees cause syncing issues because Amazon keeps adding new fees. On the spreadsheet, click a column. Click data and filter. You can run reports.