Where can I see a log of activity?

Connex tracks the last few days of activity in a transaction log. See article to learn more on what details are available after a sync has occurred.

Where can I see a log of activity?

Connex features a transaction log tool that showcases everything that Connex is doing; from successful order syncs, payments, inventory updates, and more. In essence, this is the beating heart of Connex, showing you everything that the software is doing for you at a glance. 

In addition, the transaction log is the first line of troubleshooting defense. When in doubt, always check the transaction log first.

Accessing the Transaction Log

The Connex transaction log can be viewed at anytime from within Connex. To view your log, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Connex for QuickBooks account.
  2. On the dashboard, scroll down, looking for "Errors" and "Orders." Here, you'll see a sorted log.
  3. To view the full transaction log, click Log from the left-hand navigation:

What does the transaction log look like?

  1. Severity. This indicates the type of notification. 
      • Info: A normal, informational severity type indicating a success.
      • Warn: A warning message type, indicating a possible issue that may require attention.
      • Error: An important message requiring your attention.
      • JMA: System exception error. If you encounter these, please contact support.
  2. Order ID. This column shows, at a glance, to which order does this specific notification refer.
  3. Website. This column reflects from which integration or selling channel this notification relates.
  4. Message. This is important. This column contains what actually happened. In the event of an error message, you'll encounter detailed description of the issue and instructions to remedy.
  5. Time. This is a timestamp referencing when this notification occurred. Generally, this timestamp is reflecting in your local time zone. 

Enable Email Notifications

To have notifications emailed to you, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Connex for QuickBooks account.
  2. Click the 'manage' button under an existing connection.
  3. Expand the Error Logging menu.
  4. Enter your email in the text box.
  5. Choose to receive emails if new items are created and/or a daily log: 

Can I change the time when I receive emails?

Change the last sync in UTC time, located under the logging area of our configure page.

How long does Connex for QuickBooks keep the log?

Connex for QuickBooks will clear the log every four days. You can instruct our apps to email the log on a daily basis, regardless of errors. Under error logging, select email a daily copy of the log. You will receive one email per type per day; informational, errors, and warnings.

Can I filter the log to find a specific order?

Yes, you can filter the log to look for specific orders, or messages:



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