What transaction types are supported with QuickBooks Online?

Connex supports several transaction modes for QuickBooks Online. Learn what is available and the differences between the modes here.

What QuickBooks Online transaction modes do you support and what is the difference between them?

Here are the modes:

  1. Invoices Only: Payments for invoices will NOT sync to QuickBooks, an open invoice will sync.
  2. Invoices with Payments: Orders are paid, if communicated by your ordering system. If the order is paid by PO, you will get an unpaid invoice.  Unpaid invoices will sync to QuickBooks. Payments made at a later date from your ordering system will mark the open invoice in QuickBooks as 'paid'.
  3. Sales Receipts: These are fully paid orders. It's the equivalent of buying groceries from a grocery store and receiving a receipt.
  4. Estimate: An estimate is a quote you provide a customer for products/services. Estimates are non-posting and not included in income.
  5. Credit Memo/Refund Receipt: Connex can sync refunds as credit memos or refund receipts. For more detailed information about how Connex handles refunds, please take a look at our help article: How Does Connex Handle Refunds?