QuickBooks POS: Set-Up Guide

What support do you offer for QuickBooks POS customers?

Details of the support we offer

Are you accepting new customers?

As of June 2019, we no longer accept new customers who use QuickBooks POS. 

Why are you accepting no new customers in QuickBooks POS?

We decided to focus on larger markets where our software was easier to install and maintain.

Can I still use the integration?

Yes, we allow existing customers to use the integration. We have no plans to remove the integration for existing customers.

What other POS solutions do you support?

We support Shopify and Square POS. You can sync with QuickBooks Desktop. These POS solutions are much easier to support and maintain than QuickBooks POS. Here are some reasons to use another POS:

  1. There are no upgrades or servers to maintain.
  2. There are fewer moving parts.
  3. The sync is faster and more reliable.
  4. You can easily add new products in one place without a syncing tool.

You will perform all your sales on Shopify or Square. We will sync your sales to QuickBooks and stock changes back to your website. 

What support do you offer?

We are performing no updates to our QuickBooks POS integration. We can answer general questions of functionality. We are providing no support for web connector related issues for QuickBooks POS users, except sending existing knowledge base guides on general errors.