Support Policy FAQ

What is your phone support policy?

We offer screen-shares on a limited basis

Do you offer phone support?

Although we offer no dial-in support, we offer screen-sharing on a limited basis through Zoom. 

What are the fees?

Your onboarding screen-sharing is complimentary. After the onboarding, screen sharing support is extra. Platinum users have no extra fees for screen sharing support. We bill by half hour. Please contact us about fees.

Is screen-sharing support available on the pro plan?

Screen sharing is an extra cost and only available on the silver or higher tier.

How do I request a screen share?

Screen shares are done by the support team's discretion. Many support issues require research and can be solved by email. Some solutions are best described with knowledge base articles, due to their complexity.

What is the process?

We will ask for your permission and send you a schedule link. We will charge the card on file. If you go over on time, we will charge another half and hour.