Account Management FAQ

What is the maximum number of selling channels I can add?

Limits of number of channels

What is a selling channel?

If you add two Shopify websites to Connex, then you have two selling channels. Sync direction is excluded. Amazon, Linnworks, and ShipStation always counts as one selling channel.

This is three selling channels:

If I exceed the max, what happens?

When you add a new connection, you will see this screen:

What are the limits?

As of November 1, 2021, we limit the number of selling channels you can add to Connex by your plan level:

Plan Limit
Pro 1
Silver 2
Gold 3
Platinum 4

How do I buy more channels?

Login to Connex. Click my account on the top right. Click add selling channels on the right. Each time you click the button, you may add one additional channel. The current rate is $300 per year. If you delete the channel, please contact us to get a pro-rated refund of the charge and cancel it.

I purchased prior to the deadline. How am I affected?

You can still sync, but adding more selling channels requires a plan upgrade or purchasing an add-on.

I have more channels than a plan upgrade allows. What are the next steps?

Let's say you already have five channels and you use our silver plan. Upgrading to platinum gives you a max of four. Purchase the selling channel add-on. 

How do I upgrade my account?

By upgrading your account, you get more channels and you get a free onboarding. Otherwise, you can purchase the onboarding separately. Please read this guide.