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What is Connex Reporting?

Advantages and a high level overview of Connex Reporting

What is this tool?

Connex Reporting is a multi-channel e-commerce analytics tool.

What advantages does Connex Reporting have over the competition?

Our tool has these advantages:

  1. Our tool connects to multiple selling channels and our tool aggregates all the data in one solution.
  2. There is no need to directly connect your accounting tool to your selling channels to obtain many reports, such as sales by state.
  3. You can move to another accounting solution and continue using Connex Reporting. 
  4. Our tool can subtract cost of goods sold from the order total. You can see whether certain orders are profitable.

I use an accounting solution to generate reports. Why use Connex Reporting?

Here are the reasons:

  1. Visuals: Connex Reporting will provide charts. Accounting solutions usually provide reports and spreadsheets. It is difficult to see what is happening without visuals.
  2. Integrations: You must obtain a tool to sync your sales to your accounting solution. You may need to sync hundreds of sales. It could be time consuming and messy to sync all of your sales. Your selling channel and accounting solution might be incompatible.
  3. E-Commerce Tailored Reports: Most accounting solutions have only generic reports, like a profit and loss statement. Our tool provides reports tailored to e-commerce sellers.

What problems does it solve?

Connex Reporting will solve these problems:

  1. Is it profitable to sell on a certain selling channel?
  2. Is it profitable to sell products at a certain price, after COGS and merchant fees?
  3. Should I sell particular products on a selling channel?
  4. In what geographic areas should I focus my advertising?
  5. How do I get an overall view on how my business performs?