Connex Quickbooks Online

What is Connex for QuickBooks Online?

Connex for QuickBooks Online is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) order syncing tool that enables small business owners and accountants to automatically sync orders from a supported integration to online versions of QuickBooks.

What is Connex for QuickBooks Online?

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At the most basic of levels, Connex will import your sales from an integrated source (such as an e-commerce website, shipping platform, or sales marketplace) into QuickBooks as either a sales order, sales receipt, or invoice - your choice.

We understand that manual data entry of sales into QuickBooks can be tedious and overwhelming. That's why we created Connex - to provide freedom from data entry, so you can focus on what really matters: growing your business!

What is Connex Online?

Watch this introduction video to learn about Connex Online and see if it's right for you!


To see a detailed, curated demonstration of many of the essential Connex features, check out our handy on demand Webinars. Can't attend? No problem! Each of these webinars is recorded, so go ahead and sign up! We will email you a link to view the recording once the webinar has concluded.

Who is Connex Online for?

Connex for QuickBooks Online is a versatile, highly customizable tool ideal for small businesses engaging in e-commerce operations and accountants seeking to offload manual data entry tasks. Whether you are a seasoned e-commerce entrepreneur selling via your website, Amazon, and/or eBay; or a brick-and-mortar shop pivoting to e-commerce for the first time, Connex Online can free you from tedious manual transaction entry to QuickBooks.

If you're just starting out, you may not use every feature Connex Online has to offer right away, but Connex Online is designed to scale to meet your needs as your business continues to grow.

To talk to other Connex Online customers about how they use Connex Online today - set up, use cases, best practices, and more - please visit our Community Forums or join our Facebook User Group.

Our Customer Success team moderates the forum in case anyone in the community asks a questions that needs an official Sync with Connex answer.



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