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What does Connex offer and how are different from our competitors?

Comparing Connex to everyone else.

Copy Sales to and from QuickBooks 

Connex can copy sales from many sales channels into one QuickBooks file. Many users receive phone their revenue to the IRS each year. If they are audited, the IRS will ask what the source of revenue is. QuickBooks, out of box, offers no way to bulk delete orders. Customers and items are marked as inactive, instead of deleted.  

Our clients receive email and phone orders, which are sales outside of their selling channel. These users create the orders in QuickBooks, sync it to their shipping tool, ship the sale, and sync tracking details back to QuickBooks. The customer receives an invoice with the shipping cost. Many of our customers mark up shipping cost ; you can use the Connex rules engine to say if the order total is over $100, then mark up the cost by 10%. You can easily see ROI. 


Although we offer no reporting solution out of box, Connex can dynamically map fields using our rules engine. You can see that QuickBooks has several reports you can generate: 



These reports include: 

  • Sales by class. You can add a category to sales, such as the selling channel. You can compare how products sell on selling channels. This is a workaround to using multiple income accounts per product. Here is an example:  
  • Sales by customer. QuickBooks has a sales by customer report and you can tell what customers generate the most revenue. 
  • Sales by sales rep. You could dynamically map a sales rep to each sale and track how much money a sales rep brings. 
  • Profit and Loss. Get a big picture on whether you are making or losing money. See total income and expenses.  

Sales Tax Management 

Connex does not calculate tax rates dynamically or pay tax agencies automatically, unlike Avalara. Connex can map QuickBooks sales tax codes on orders. With these codes, QuickBooks will produce a report and say you owe money to a tax agency. 


For more details, please read:  

Refund Management 

To my knowledge, Connex is the only company that supports partial refunds. Shopify’s partial refund logic is complex. If your tool fails to sync refunds properly, then your stock is incorrect and your books will fail to balance. In some cases, returned products are discarded. Using our rules engine, you can map products on refund to a dummy item and stock of the item remains unchanged. 

As a business owner, I want to know why there are a problem with returns. Wrong customer for our product? Product was defective or damaged? Connex can categorize refunds in different asset accounts. QuickBooks can track what products were refunded. 


Most businesses are taxed around 30% of their profits. Connex can sync merchant fees and Amazon charges to QuickBooks. If you add bills to QuickBooks to receive new inventory and your items match your website SKUs, then Connex can record COGS in QuickBooks. COGS is the cost to purchase a product. If you sold an item for $100 and it cost $25 to buy from a vendor, then your tax is on $75. If your inventory has no value, then your tax is on $100. Recording these expenses accurately will save your business thousands of dollars in tax write-offs.  

If products fail to match, then Connex will create no order. Connex will notify you of a product mismatch. If orders are missing, then you will fail to match deposits.  

Inventory Quantity Sync 

All inventory management is done inside of QuickBooks. 

Connex can sync stock changes from QuickBooks to your website. If you sell out of stock products, then you may have to cancel or delay orders. In Amazon, your seller rating could decrease with cancelled orders.  

If you have multiple warehouses, known as sites in QuickBooks and your website supports multi-warehouse management, then our tool can sync the inventory by site: 

  • Boston has 3 widgets. 
  • New York has 4 widgets.  

Be warned; we are no inventory control solution. Look at SOS Inventory or Ordoro. We do not allow users to create POs or bills on our website. Connex can build kits, so you have enough prior to the sale. 

Connex can sync products from QuickBooks to the user’s website. We sync no pictures. Here are more details:  

Connex is no product catalog; what we offer is basic. Tools like Channel Advisor are built to sync product updates and pictures to your website on a regular basis. Connex is light weight product management tool. 

Automatic Sync 

When I built Connex in 2013, I realized that all competitors made you click a button to sync. Connex has micro computers with Microsoft. They wait for a signal to sync a user’s data, then sync it at a scheduled interval. There is no need to press any buttons.  

If the user has QuickBooks Desktop, there are a of factors that could cause the auto sync to fail:   

Our sync is not real time. The QBO sync usually syncs orders to QuickBooks every two hours. On higher tiers of pricing, it can sync up to 15 minutes. For QuickBooks Desktop, the user sets the sync interval. 

U.S. Based Support 

All of our sales and support staff are based in the U.S. Almost all of our competitors support is based in India or Australia: 

  1. They rep speaks English as a second language. Understanding customer issues is hard enough, even with English speakers. 
  1. The rep cannot be reached during business hours. 

We respond to 90% of email inquiries within 4 business hours. We make an effort to respond in 1 hour. 

Free Upgrades 

Our software is web based. This means we provide all the updates without the user updating a desktop app. Our software is centralized; everyone uses the same code. This means we can troubleshoot issues faster and upload a coding change more quickly than competitors.  

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