What are the best practices to sync products with QuickBooks?

FAQ product sync with QuickBooks

What field should I match?

We recommend matching by item name for many reasons:

  1. From a software developer perspective, QuickBooks is built to use item name as the matching field. The field must be unique.
  2. For item name, Connex can ask QuickBooks for a list of SKUs that match item names. Here is a sample query; 'QuickBooks, are there any items that match ABC, 123, AB1?'
  3. In QuickBooks Online, you can match SKU to SKU. The QuickBooks SKU field is non-unique.
  4. In QuickBooks Desktop, you can match using a item custom field or manufacturer part number. This fields are also non-unique. Connex must pull all items from QuickBooks and locate the proper match. If your item list contains several thousand items, the sync could fail. Here is a sample query: 'QuickBooks, give me a list of 20,000 items.'

Should Connex create new items in QuickBooks?

If you track no inventory, then yes. For inventory items, the products should exist in QuickBooks:

  1. Connex syncs no stock levels from your website to QuickBooks. This means the stock quantity in QuickBooks is zero. The stock will show negative because the order will subtract quantity.
  2. Without recording the value of inventory or quantity in QuickBooks, you will fail to report expenses (cost of goods sold) on your taxes. This means you will pay taxes on expenses.

How should I import items into QuickBooks?

For bulk importing, use a spreadsheet. The most important field to map is the QuickBooks item name and your website SKU. All other fields are arbitrary. Each order item description and unit price is pulled from the incoming order.

For QuickBooks Desktop users, go to lists and click item lists. Click excel and import items. You can copy items from a spreadsheet. For QuickBooks Online users, click the gear box. Click import data. Choose products.

Is there a demo and handouts?

Here is a handout of the presentation.

Product Matching and QuickBooks from Joseph Anderson on Vimeo.