Account Management FAQ

What are legacy benefits in 2022?

How we calculate order counts in 2022.

What are the new plan limits?

The new limits are 12,000 sales for silver, 24,000 for gold, and 36,000 for platinum. Users who purchased prior to February of 2021 had the old limits of 60, 90, and 120K sales to prevent sync errors. To simplify our license policy, we are placing all users on the same limits starting in February 2022.

How do I see my plan level and what I already synced?

Log into Connex. Click your name on the top right and my account:

Why were order volumes so high?

Prior to 2021, there was no way to purchase additional orders. If you needed 40,000 sales, you were asked to purchase a 90,000 sales plan. 

If I go over my limit, how am I billed?

We now offer metered billing. If you sync over your plan limit, you pay only for what you sync.

I have more than 12,000 sales and I am silver subscriber. How am I billed?

In this example, a user has synced 15,000 sales on a 60,000 plan as of January 31st. The user's one year anniversary is June of 2022. As of February 1st, the user's plan maximum is 12,000. The user syncs 6,000 sales between February and June. Here is how he is billed:

  • The user has synced 3,000 sales over 12,000 for 15,000. These sales are already paid.
  • The user synced 6,000 sales over 15,000. These are billable sales.
  • The user pays .10 an order times 6,000 sales for $600.
  • In June, their order count resets to 0. The user's plan limit is 12,000 sales. Anything additional is billable.

Is it better to upgrade plans?

There are many benefits to upgrading plans:

  1. You can add more selling channels to sync with Connex. We now limit selling channels by plan level.
  2. You get an additional hour of screen sharing support.
  3. Your price remains the same month to month or annually. With metered bill, the price changes.

What are the next steps?

We will automatically add you to metered billing as of February 1st. 

I have questions. Who do I contact?

Please open a support ticket and check billing.