What Amazon marketplaces are compatible with Connex?

A guide on pulling orders from various marketplaces

What marketplaces can you sync?

Here is a list:

  • Amazon supports United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil
  • Amazon Europe supports all of Europe, Egypt, India, and United Arab Emirates
  • Amazon Australia supports Australia, Japan, and Singapore

Would I need a separate connection for Amazon United States and Amazon Canada?

No, you would only need

If I want to sync shipped orders from all marketplaces. How do I set that up?

Connex syncs shipped orders by default. If you choose Amazon Europe, then you could sync any order placed in Europe without adding new connections. If you wanted United States sales, you must have two connections; Amazon Europe and Amazon.

Can I have just one connection that syncs sales from all over the world?

No, each connection only supports certain marketplaces. Amazon Europe can pull no sales from Japan.

I want to sync sales prior to shipment from different marketplaces. How do I sync them?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Look at the table below this section. On our dashboard, edit the connection. If you had Amazon and wanted to sync Canada orders prior to shipment, edit Amazon.
  3. Click orders to QuickBooks on the left.
  4. Under marketplaces to sync, choose Canada: 
  5. Click save.