The currency of the account must be either in home currency or the transaction currency

Your customer's default currency and the order deposit account currency must match. Usually, your deposit account uses a different currency than the order.

In QuickBooks, each customer has a default currency. Here is an example:

If you add an order whose deposit account uses CAD, then the sync will fail:

My orders use various deposit accounts. How do I map the deposit account, based on the currency?

Go to the Connex rules engine and click action, then add new rule. Use this rule as an example. If you use invoices, select map payment deposit account. Next, change your customer mapping. On the Connex configure page, scroll down to customer matching. Choose store name currency. Connex will add orders to your connection name plus your currency code. Here is an example:

  • Bigcommerce CAD
  • Bigcommerce USD

If you would like another customer name, choose store name only. In the rules engine, add this rule.

I received this error with my Accounts Receivable account. How do I map it?

Login to Connex. Hover over the gear and click rules engine. Click add new rule. Add a rule like this one.

I still receive the error, but my accounts are correct.

This error is a known problem with QuickBooks Canada. Go to your customer center. Click new transactions and click sales receipts. Enter the correct bank account for your currency and resync the orders. Can't find what you're looking for? Let us help you right now!