Sync Orders from QuickBooks Online to ShipWorks

How to get started with ShipWorks and Connex for QuickBooks Online

Getting Started

The following steps are necessary to set-up the sync:

  1. Set-Up Connex
  2. Set-Up Custom Store in ShipWorks
  3. Instruct Connex to send shipped orders to Connex
  4. Turn on QuickBooks Class Tracking
  5. Create an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks
  6. Enable Sync from QuickBooks in Connex
  7. Instruct ShipWorks to Download Orders
  8. Instruct Connex to Update Orders


Connex supports ShipWorks FEB 2020 or newer versions. To upgrade to the latest version of ShipWorks:

1. Set-Up Connex

 You must set-up a Connex account and instruct our software to sync orders to ShipWorks:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. At the Connex dashboard page, click add new connection.
  3. Choose ShipWorks.
  4. Click next.
  5. When prompted, pair QuickBooks.
  6. When prompted, choose sync orders from QuickBooks as the sync direction.
  7. If you want to sync orders from ShipWorks to QuickBooks and sync shipping details back to QuickBooks, select update tracking only.
  8. For types to export, choose the types of orders to sync to ShipWorks.
  9. Finish the wizard.

2. Set-Up Custom Store

Our system uses the ShipWorks generic module feature, which means QuickBooks is a custom store. Our system will pull invoices and sales receipts.

You must set-up a custom store by following these instructions:

  1. In ShipWorks, go to manage > stores > add.
  2. Choose generic module.
  3. Enter the QuickBooks Online user name that paired our software. If it is unknown, click the person icon in our software and click my company. The password field is unused, so enter any value:
  4. Enter as the store URL. 
  5. The system will fill in NA by default for all your store info. Change it with your information. 

4. Instruct ShipWorks to send shipped orders to Connex.

Here are the steps:

  1. In ShipWorks, click manage > actions.
  2. Click new action.
  3. Match this action. Replace [CONNEX USER NAME] with your Connex login.

5. Turn on QuickBooks Class Tracking

Each order must have a class called ShipWorks. This tells our software to send the orders to ShipWorks. To enable class tracking, follow these steps:

  1. In QuickBooks, click the gear.
  2. Click account and settings.
  3. Click the advanced tab.
  4. Enable track classes.
  5. Select one to entire transaction under assign classes.
  6. Click save.

6. Create an invoice or sales receipt in QuickBooks

 Here are the steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Online.
  2. On the left, click customers.
  3. Select a customer or add a new one.
  4. On the top right, click new > invoice or new > sales receipt.
  5. Enter ShipWorks in the class field:
  6. If prompted, add the class ShipWorks.
  7. If the customer record already has the billing and shipping address completed, then there is no need to change it. If you want to enter an address free form, you must format the addresses with name, company, address, and country. Here are more details.
  8. In the shipping address box, type in the contact's first and last name. 
  9. Press enter.
  10. Type the address line 1 and press enter.
  11. Type the address line 2 and press enter.

Type the city, state, and zip then press enter: 

7. Instruct ShipWorks to Download Orders

You must instruct ShipWorks to download orders. Click the download button in ShipWorks. Under the all filter, you will see your order.

8. Instruct Connex to Update Orders

Connex will sync every two hours. To sync now, login to our software. Click manage. Expand the first area. Click save and sync. To sync faster, expand sync direction and choose a faster interval.



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