QuickBooks FAQ

Should I sync historical sales?

We recommend an opening balance

Can I sync historically?

Yes, you can sync historically if you are tracking no inventory in QuickBooks. 

What do you recommend?

Contact your accountant about an opening balance to summarize your sales and costs, until you use our product. Moving forwards, you can use our software to obtain accurate financial data in QuickBooks. 

If you track inventory, here are the reasons not to sync historical sales:

  1. You will receive no cost of goods sold. This means that the cost to purchase product will fail to appear on your profit and loss report and you are unable to write off the expense.
  2. Your current inventory will be incorrect. If you sync stock levels between selling channels, your stock will be incorrect.
  3. Who could take a long time to sync several months worth of missing sales. Our software is built to sync short dated ranges of missing orders.