Getting Started with Shopify

How to install Shopify and how the fields map

Is there a demonstration?

Yes, please watch this video:


Note: In order to enable private app development, you must either be able to login to the Shopify store as Store Owner, or have your store owner enable private app development before being able to pair Connex:

Setup Instructions

  1. On the left hand side of your Shopify store, click apps.
  2. Scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click manage private apps (if you cannot find it, the URL should be: [store_name_here]
  4. If you have no private apps created, Click enable private app development. (If you have other private apps already installed, click "Create new private app" and skip to step 7)
  5. Check all boxes to agree to all terms:
  6. On the top right, click create new private app.
  7. Enter these details:
  8. Expand "Inactive Permissions", and adjust these values (They will appear in this order from top/bottom):
    Name Level
    Customers Read
    Draft Orders Read and Write
    Inventory Read and Write
    Locations Read
    Orders Read and Write
    Product Listings Read and Write
    Products Read and Write
    Shopify Payments payouts Read 


  9. Click save.
  10. Scroll up to admin API.

Copy the API key and password into Connex:

Note: your Website URL should not end with any backslash ( / ) characters.
For example, "" would not pair successfully with Connex.

How do fields map?

Here is an example of how fields map.