Getting Started with ShipRush

Get started integrating Sync with Connex with powerful shipping platform ShipRush. These set-up instructions will walk you through the step-by-step process of integrated ShipRush with Connex.


Our software syncs orders by their creation date in ShipRush to QuickBooks on a scheduled basis. To get started, a user token from ShipRush must be generated then entered into Connex:

  1. Login to ShipRush.
  2. On the bottom left, click settings.
  3. Under user settings on the top left, click developer tokens.
  4. Click show token value.
  5. Enter the token on the my connections page.

I use ShipRush EX or I use a different domain to login. Do I need to make a change?

When you pair our software, the connection URL is If your domain is different, then you must change it:

Can I use the ShipRush QuickBooks integration that ShipRush built?

No, disable their integration. You can get duplicate sales.