Getting Started with Seller Cloud

How do I pair SellerCloud?

Here are the steps:

  • Login to Connex.
  • On the Connex dashboard, click add connection.
  • Enter your SellerCloud user name and password.
  • Ask SellerCloud to provide the client name of the server on your account. If the client name was tt, enter this URL:

Can I filter orders by status or selling channel?

On the Connex configure page, expand the transaction section. Enter a list of order statuses or selling channels to filter.

How do the fields map?

Here is a partial list:

SellerCloud QuickBooks Notes
Order Id Doc Number By default, we match the SellerCloud order id. You can use our rules engine to use the order id from the selling channel.
Company Name Class We concatenate the company name and store fields, so you have unique selling channel names.
Original Sku Item name SellerCloud provides the SKU before any rules execute to change it. We can match either one to QuickBooks.
Order Source Id 1 PO
Order Source Id 2 Memo Can be mapped to the QuickBooks order number field.
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