Incorrect Orders Troubleshooting

QuickBooks Online Auto Sync Fails


Auto syncing on your account is failing. Your error log has no messages. 


You are able to manually sync QuickBooks sales, but auto sync fails to pull in your sales.


Ensure tasks exist

Log into Connex. On the left, click schedule tasks. Ensure you have an orders task, if you sync sales to QuickBooks. If you sync sales from QuickBooks to ShipStation, ensure an OrdersToECommerce tasks exist:

If a task is missing, click settings on our dashboard. Click orders to QuickBooks. Click save. Click orders from QuickBooks. Click save.

Ensure task is enabled

If you disconnect from Connex, our software will disable the sync. Go to scheduled tasks. Click toggle, if you see an X:

Not Enough Time Passed

Under scheduled tasks, look at the last update. It uses UTC time. Please check Google for UTC time. Compare it to the current time. If the sync runs every two hours and the sync ran an hour again, then no syncing occurs.

QuickBooks Online Disconnected

If you log into Connex as a different user, QuickBooks will ask you to disconnect Connex.

If you must repair, log into Connex. Click settings. Click chart of accounts. Click the first pull down. Wait 5 - 10 seconds. You should see a list. If not, read this guide.