Account Management FAQ

What is the new pricing users for starter and growth users?

This guide walks you through legacy pricing

Am I using a starter or growth plan?

If your plan is micro, starter, or growth, then you use this plan. 

How do I find my plan level?

To find your plan, log into Connex. Click your name and my account on the top right. Your plan is listed on the right:

How much is my plan?

Here is the new pricing, as of Q4 2021. We are migrating all users on November 1st, except micro users that are migrating on October 1st. We will upgrade you automatically.

Old Plan Old Cost New Cost
Micro $29 $119
Starter Monthly $49 / $59 $119
Starter Annual $588 $119 per month
Growth Monthly $69

$239 per month for QuickBooks Desktop

$119 pro plan for QuickBooks Online

Growth Annual $828 $239 per month

Will I get new benefits?

Users will gain access to automated deposit matching and two way order syncing

What is the support level for legacy users?

Users on our pro plan have access to our knowledge base and video library, but can open no support tickets. Pro users can contact billing and sales. Email support is accessible on our silver plan and higher. We recommend upgrading to our silver plan, if you require email support. 

When opening a ticket, please supply your Connex email. If you are unsure of your account, please contact billing and we will look up your account. 

When am I charged?

Your annual or monthly renewal date remains the same.

Am I prorated the difference in plans?

Our system will prorate you the difference in plans. If you need six months of the pro annual, then you are charged $1188 / 6. 

Using the micro plan, here is an example proration. The user is billed on the 1st of every month. The user pays the difference in plans and the next payment is the full amount. The user gets the benefits of the pro plan on October 1st.

Why are you changing your prices and support policies?

This price change will enable us to continue developing products and services that help you run your business and work smarter.

I wish to stay with Connex until I find another lower cost solution. How do I proceed?

We recommend upgrading to the silver monthly plan and paying $239 per month. You can cancel at any time. If you use an annual plan and cancel, we will refund unused months.

I wish to cancel, before I am upgraded. What are the next steps?

Please read this guide.