You can upload a spreadsheet of PayPal sales to QuickBooks.


PayPal is part of our spreadsheet integration. You must select the spreadsheet connection, configure it, and choose PayPal as the spreadsheet template. Our tool will map all the fields. There is no need to add or remove columns to the sheet.

How do I download the spreadsheet?

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to PayPal.
  2. Go to activity > all reports.
  3. Go to activity download.
  4. Create a report for your most recent PayPal deposit. In this case, we deposit from PayPal at the end of each day. You should set-up a similar process with PayPal.
  5. Download the CSV.

The sheet should look like this:

The spreadsheet contains a field called item ID. If it is blank, then no syncing will occur. You must have an item ID because we map it to the QuickBooks item name.

I want to upload the spreadsheet and sync sales from PayPal to QuickBooks. What are the next steps?

Here are the steps:

  1. At our dashboard, click add.
  2. Choose SpreadSheet.
  3. In the wizard, choose sync sales to QuickBooks.
  4. Go through the wizard.
  5. When asked to choose a spreadsheet template, enter PayPal.
  6. Finish the wizard.

    How do I sync the sales?

    On the dashboard, find SpreadSheet. Click manual sync. Upload the sheet.

    How do I change the field mapping for order number?

    By default, Connex maps the PayPal transaction ID to the order number field. To use another field on the spreadsheet, follow these steps:

    1. Login to Connex.
    2. Click manual sync, next to SpreadSheet.
    3. Click the blue link to map fields.
    4. Upload the PayPal spreadsheet.
    5. Find the row under QuickBooks that says order number.
    6. Click edit.
    7. Replace transaction ID with invoice ID.
    8. Click save.

    For orders, how do the fields map?

    PayPal has no quantity, so our tool will always default to one. This tool is ideal, if your orders have a single quantity.

    Here is a list:

    PayPal QuickBooks
    Transaction ID Reference Number
    Invoice ID Order Number
    Date Date
    Item ID Item Name / SKU
    Item Title Item Description
    Custom Field QuickBooks Custom Field
    Name Billing Address Name
    Billing Address 1 Billing Address 1
    Billing Address 2 Billing Address 2
    Billing City Billing City
    Billing State/Province Billing State
    Billing Zip/Postal Code Billing Postal Code
    Billing Country Billing Country
    Shipping Name Shipping Address Name
    Shipping Address 1 Shipping Address 1
    Shipping Address 2 Shipping Address 2
    Shipping City Shipping City
    Shipping State/Province Shipping State
    Shipping Zip/Postal Code Shipping Postal Code
    Shipping Country Shipping Country
    Gross Amount Order Total
    Fee Amount Merchant Fees Line Item
    Currency Currency
    Sales Tax Amount Sales Tax
    Email Billing Email
    Type Order Status