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Payment Method

Out of the box, Connex will use the payment method from your store and match the payment method in QuickBooks.

How do I map payment methods map to QuickBooks?

You can see what payment methods your store is sending Connex in the order previewer. In Connex, click on 'Order Previewer'

Many customers want to abbreviate payment methods or map them to something else. In today's example, we will see that Amazon's payment method is 'other' and we want to map 'other' to 'AMZ':

  1. In Connex, in the upper right, click 'rules engine'.
  2. Click add new rule.
  3. Enter these values: 

 See the results:


How do I map payment methods, based on the store name?

You can change the QuickBooks payment method, based on the store name. This example will use ShipStation

Find Store Names

Go to ShipStation and open your store list > stores. Note the store name: