General FAQ

Onboarding & Set-up Overview

Sync with Connex is pleased to offer a 1 Hour onboarding and set-up session with the purchase of a subscription. Here is what you can expect during the call.

Length: 1 Hour

Connection & Configuration

During this screen share session, your Customer Success Manager will make sure the software is configured to best fit your business needs. They will connect Sync with Connex to your accounting solution (QuickBooks Pro, Premiere, Enterprise, or Online) and your selling channel. 

Note: You will need to have ADMIN credentials to QuickBooks as well as ADMIN access to your selling channels.

It's extremely helpful that a person who is familiar with the setup of your QuickBooks file be available for the session.

Training & Testing

The scope of on-boarding & set-up is limited to the configuration of our product(s) (Connex for QuickBooks Desktop and Connex for QuickBooks Online) and takes approximately 45-60 minutes. We will walk through the installation and configuration of Connex, as well as training on key features. If your plan level offers additional onboarding hours, a follow up 1 hour session can be booked. If you require more time, onboarding services are also available for purchase. 

Order Sync

We’ll cover both the automatic and manual process for syncing orders. We will review how transactions import to QuickBooks. Discuss options for handling expenses and fees associated with certain marketplaces and payment processors.

Inventory Sync

We’ll cover how the inventory sync works between QuickBooks and your selling channel. If utilizing the inventory update feature of Connex, we will cover functionality, best practices, and troubleshooting tips.

Who to Involve:

  • QuickBooks Admin
  • Bookkeeper or Accountant
  • Primary End User of the Software 

What can I expect after purchase?

1) After purchase, you will receive a welcome email from Sync with Connex that includes a link to complete the onboarding questionnaire. Once the form is submitted, a member of the Customer Success team will review the submission.

Important: All prerequisites are required prior to scheduling the session: 

2) If all prerequisites are met, a follow up email will be sent with a link to schedule a time for the on-boarding & set-up. Please note, if the Customer Success Manager finds the prerequisites are not met, a follow up email will be sent to discuss next steps. 

3) We use Zoom to conduct the onboarding set-up with you. Details to join the live screen sharing session will be shared with you by email. This is not a phone call.

What does Connex need from me?

1) Fill out and complete the onboarding questionnaire as thoroughly and completely as possible. This may require input from your accountant, bookkeeper, or finance department.

2) For QuickBooks Desktop users, we strongly recommend backing up your QuickBooks Company File both regularly and prior to your on-boarding session.

3) Please have admin and/or account owner passwords to QuickBooks, all connection platforms, and your server (if applicable) available prior to on-boarding.

4) QuickBooks Desktop users must log into QuickBooks in Single-User Mode as the Admin (required).

5) For QuickBooks Australia, QuickBooks Canada, and QuickBooks UK users: The Web Connector must be installed prior to on-boarding.


We reserve the right to end and reschedule the session, whether in whole or in part, if you are not prepared to complete the onboarding. If you're not sure if you're ready to schedule, please contact us.

 Right to Reschedule

JMA Web Technologies dba Sync with Connex reserves the right to reschedule if the form is not complete, if the pre-install requirements are not met, whether in whole or in part. In addition, we reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule the onboarding in the event we are unable to confirm purchase of a paid subscription.

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