Connex Functionality FAQ

Is my PC compatible with Connex?

We recommend using a PC with at least 8 GB of RAM and using a cable internet connection or higher. Using RightNetworks is ideal, if you lack system requirements

If my PC is incompatible, what steps should I take?

You can perform these steps:

  1. Pair on another machine.
  2. Use a remote desktop, like RightNetworks.

What does the error look like in Connex?

Your sync will run very slow. In Connex, you will see orders are pulled, but there are no entries with sales:

Check Internet

You will need a cable or higher internet speed. DSL is incompatible at this time. To check your internet speed, go to this site. Any number under fifteen is too slow.

Check PC

In some cases, your PC lacks enough RAM and CPU to use Connex. You can upgrade your PC or use another machine. Using a remote desktop, such as RightNetworks, is also a solution. To check if your PC has enough processing power, follow these steps:

  1. In Windows, right click your task bar and click task manager.
  2. Click performance.
  3. Here is a PC where the RAM and CPU usage are too high:
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