Insert Orders from ShipWorks into QuickBooks

You must set-up ShipWorks to send copies of the order to our software for QuickBooks. Our software will hold these orders in our database and send them to QuickBooks.

How It Works

  • ShipWorks sends our products for QuickBooks a text file for each order. ShipWorks sends data if the order is shipped or selected manually to send.
  • These orders are stored in our database for fifteen to sixty minutes.
  • Our system processes these orders and clears the database, after its done.


Connex supports ShipWorks FEB 2020 or newer versions. To upgrade to the latest version of ShipWorks:

Sync Orders from ShipWorks to QuickBooks


You must set-up an account with Connex, then add a custom action to ShipWorks:

  1. Create a Connex account.
  2. On the Connex dashboard, click add a new connection.
  3. Choose ShipWorks.
  4. Click submit.
  5. If you use Connex for QuickBooks Desktop, select pair QuickBooks.
  6. Choose your sync direction.

Once these steps are complete, it's time to set-up ShipWorks.

Custom Action

You must tell ShipWorks to send Connex order data:

  1. In ShipWorks, go to manage > action.
  2. Click new action.
  3. Under add task, select send web request.
  4. In you use QuickBooks Desktop, make your screen look like this image:
  5. If you use QuickBooks Online, make the screen look like this image:

Send Orders

Once this action is set-up, it's time to send Connex some orders:

      1. Select orders in ShipWorks by highlighting them.
      2. Click the QuickBooks button that you previously set-up
      3. Login to Connex.
      4. At the Dashboard, on your ShipWorks connection, click on the manual sync button.
      5. Click sync now.
      6. For QuickBooks Online, orders will process shortly
      7. For QuickBooks Desktop, run your web connector for orders to process


To check activity, go back to the Connex Dashboard and check the Orders or Errors window. 


Send Shipped Orders

Some users wish to send orders, when the shipment is complete. Connex will receive return labels and process them as refunds. Create a new action:

How do I send orders from a filter?

Instead of sending all shipped orders, you can send orders from a filter. ShipWorks allows you to create filters where you can specify which orders reach it. Enter the custom shipped action under send shipped orders. In this example, we will export shipped BigCommerce orders only.


Can you map multiple packages to QuickBooks?

Our software will map multiple packages as a line item. The tracking numbers will appear in the order item description field and separated by a line break. Here is an example.



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