Sync orders from QuickBooks Online

In QuickBooks Online, how should I enter an address to sync from QuickBooks?

Best practices to map addresses

What are some best practices to map addresses?

Open the customer record in QuickBooks. Ensure the billing, shipping, name, company, email, and phone fields are completed. Here is an example. QuickBooks will auto populate the address, when you create new orders. Make sure you hit the enter key on each line.

Does Connex use the address in the customer record or the order?

Our software uses the billing and shipping address from the order. To determine whether a line is a street, our tool looks at the address in the customer record.

How does Connex for QuickBooks Online know how to map company, first name, and last name?

Connex will enumerate through each address line. If the line matches the customer record's company, then our tool maps the line to company. If the customer first name and last name matches a line, then our tool maps the first and last name.

Here is an example:

You can preview how the order will map:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click manage.
  3. On the left, click reports.
  4. Click order previewer.
  5. Change the drop down to sync orders from QuickBooks.
  6. Enter the order number.
  7. Click submit.

Here is an order in the previewer.

How do I map a U.S. address?

Here is the recommended format:

JMA Web Technologies
John Smith
123 Main St
Suite 100
Watertown, MA  02472

How do I map a foreign address?

The country should appear at the bottom with no text around it. Here are the recommended formats:

Jay Smith
20 Rue du Jeu des Enfants
67000 Strasbourg

Jay Smith
408 Main St.
Sintaluta, SK S0G 4N0

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