I use unit of measure and my quantity is wrong

When you sync orders from QuickBooks, the quantity in your shipping solution is incorrect


When you add a product with unit of measure, Connex sends the wrong quantity to ShipStation. Here is an example:

Our tool receives 1,728:


When you ask QuickBooks to make a conversion, they send a different quantity to Connex. If you enter 1 box and it's 12 each, then QuickBooks sends 12.

ShipStation has no support for unit of measure. It is possible for Connex to add the product's default UOM, which is single, to ShipStation. Please contact us for details.

In this example, QuickBooks will convert the 10 to 300 because the default UOM is single. 



Create unique SKUs for each unit of measure

You can create a unique SKU for each unit of measure. 

Edit default UOM

In QuickBooks, go to list > item list. Open the item. Adjust the default UOM to box:

On the QuickBooks order, enter box. QuickBooks will make no conversion.

Enter no UOM

Prior to syncing, enter no unit of measure. Click save and add it later: