Amazon Settlement Report

I am unable to pull any Amazon settlement reports into QuickBooks

Steps to troubleshoot sync failures


Although you changed the date, you see no settlement report.


You get an error message saying no reports are available in your Connex log.


Report unavailable

Connex asks Amazon to generate the settlement report. It is possible that no report is ready to download. Please wait 5 minutes and try the sync again. 

Date incorrect

Connex uses the last day of the payout period to pull reports. If the payout is dated 3/18/2022 - 4/1/2022, enter that date range:


If you are unsure of the exact dates, follow these steps:

  1. On the left of Connex, click orders > order previewer.
  2. On the previewer page, select Amazon Settlement Report.
  3. Enter a 30 day range, like 3/15 - 4/15.
  4. Wait for the previewer to populate.
  5. Click dashboard on the left.
  6. Scroll down to messages.
  7. The end date should be listed:

Settlement Report Details: Deposit Date 4/3/2022 4:18:56 PM Start Date 3/18/2022 4:18:57 PM End Date 4/1/2022 4:18:56 PM Total Fees -11981.30 Promo Rebate 0 Deposit 7815.12 Channel AFN

Manual upload

You can try uploading the report XML by hand. For more info, read this guide.