Web Connector 3.0

Does web connector 3.0 support syncing when the file is closed?

Connex customers used to sync data with the company file closed when using the older versions of the Web Connector.

If the computer is off, does the sync work?

No syncing will occur because our tool has no access to the company file. If the machine is off, so is the sync.

If the company file is closed, can I still sync?

Yes, data will still sync to QuickBooks. During the set-up process, you must give access to Connex when the file is closed.

When pairing with the Web Connector 3.0, you must allow the application to sign into the company file as one of your users in the User Role list (the higher the permissions level, the better)

In the screenshot below, this customer has created a "Full Access" level customer named "Connex", in which they will give the Web Connector access to sync orders with that permissions level: