Can I sync sales from QuickBooks to HubSpot as deals?

How to get started with the Connex HubSpot integration. How to set up, what features are included, and more.

Getting Started: Setting up

Sign into HubSpot through Connex. You will be prompted for permissions to access your account. You can install our app through the HubSpot app store or through Connex:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click add new connection.
  3. Choose HubSpot.
  4. Click submit.

    How do the contacts fields map?

    Here is how fields map:

    QuickBooks HubSpot
    Contact Email Contact Email
    Contact Phone Contact Phone
    Contact First and Last Name Contact First and Last Name
    Contact Company Contact Company
    Contact Address Line 1 Contact Address
    Contact Address Line 2 Contact Address 2
    Contact City Contact City
    Contact State Contact State
    Contact Postal Code Contact Postal Code
    Contact Country Country Country

    How do the deal fields map?

    Here is a diagram:

    QuickBooks HubSpot
    QuickBooks Item Name Line Item SKU
    QuickBooks Item Price Line Item Price
    QuickBooks Customer Name and Order Number (Jack Example 22) Deal Name
    QuickBooks Order Date Deal Date

    What does the contact look like?

    Here is an example contact:

    What does the deal look like?

    Here is an example deal:


    Can I update line items at a later time using the sync?

    Not at this time, Connex does not support updating an existing Hubspot deal.