How does Connex match my existing QuickBooks Desktop customers?

Connex has several customer matching settings, based on how your QuickBooks customer list is organized. 

Customer Matching

Here are the available matches:

Customer Matches Example
Last Name, First Name
    • Smith. John
First Name, Last Name
    • John, Smith
Single Customer Web Store
    • Example Store
Billing Company Name (If Supplied)/ First Name Last Name
    • Example Store/John Smith
Billing Company Name (If Supplied)/ Last Name, First Name
    • Example Store/Smith, John
Billing Company Name (If Supplied) or Web Store
    • Example Store/Example.Shopify
Last Name, First Name, Email
    • Smith, John,
First Name, Last Name, Email
    • John, Smith,
Selling Channel/ Market Place
    • ShipStation
Store Name and Currency
    • Example Store USD
Order Number
    • 123456
Last Name, First Name, Middle Inital
    • Smith, John, T
Shipping Company Name (If Supplied) First Name, Last Name
    • Example LLC, John, Smith
Shipping Company Name (If Supplied) Last Name, First Name
    • Example LLC, Smith, John
Shipping Last Name, First Name
    • Smith, John
Shipping Address Full Name
    • John T Smith
Billing Address First Name, Last Name
    • John Smith
Billing Email as QuickBooks Customer Name
Shipping First Name, Last Name
    • John, Smith


Single Name Customer Setting

When you select a single name customer mode, Connex will assume that the single name is Web Store. You must tell our software to put all orders under a single customer. In this case, that customer is called ShipStation:

  1. Login to your Connex account.
  2. At the Connex Dashboard, click the Manage button in your Selling Channel.
  3. Expand the Customer Menu ->Matching.
  4. Select Single Customer 'Web Store'.
  5. Next, expand the Advanced Customer menu. Enter 'ShipStation' in the Single Name Customer box:
  6. Click save and sync.

Can I match customers, if their company contains a phrase?

In this example, the order has a company name of ABC, Inc. We will map the order to ABC:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. At the Connex Dashboard, click the Manage button in your Selling Channel.
  3. Expand the Customers Menu -> Matching.
  4. Choose company name as the match.
  5. Click submit.
  6. Go to the Connex rules engine.
  7. Add this rule.

How does Connex match companies?

Connex searches the QuickBooks Customer Name field for a match.  If there is no match, Connex adds the company to your customer list. 

If your customer is a large company (i.e. JMA) and you sell product to several people within that company, then choose Billing Customer Name (if supplied) Last Name, First Name: 


If you sell to individual customers, with different companies, then choose Last Name, First Name.  This is ideal if you have many different customers with many different companies.  

Selling Channel Name

If you choose store name, here is an example:


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