General FAQ

How do you calculate the order count?

Our tool counts orders sync to or from QuickBooks

Is there a demo?

Here is a demo:

When syncing from QuickBooks, how do you query sales?

Connex pulls any recently modified sale in QuickBooks. Although QuickBooks has a date created field, the date has no hours and minutes. This means Connex would always pull the same orders. The date modified field has hours, minutes and seconds.

How are orders modified?

There are many ways to modify an order:

  1. Open the order. Make a change and click save. Changes include line items, choosing a different customer, changing the class, modifying the order date, adding notes, and editing text sale.
  2. Create a payment and associate it with an invoice. This changes the balance field on the invoice.
  3. Close a sales order with an invoice. This changes the is closed field on the sales order.

If an order fails to sync in either direction, is it counted?

Connex only counts successful syncs to or from QuickBooks towards your order count.

I use grouped items. Connex is adding a discount or item called total off to balance the sale. How does this affect my order count?

Connex counts each order it modifies towards your order count. The logic we use to update shipping details in QuickBooks is the same we use to fix orders where the totals are incorrect. If the sale was $100 in your website and $200 in QuickBooks, then Connex adds a $100 discount. The order counts twice. We recommend using assembly items. For more info on grouped items, read this guide.

If Connex syncs an order and it already exists, does it count?

We only count new orders that sync.

I sync invoices and payments. Is that one order or two?

It counts as one sale.

I sync sales orders, invoices, and payments. How many orders does Connex count?

We count the sales order and invoice as two sales because Connex synced two new orders to QuickBooks.

How can I ensure my order count is accurate?

If syncing to QuickBooks, only sync the sales you need

Ensure you filter sales by status or selling channel:

  1. How to sync sales by status
  2. How to sync sales by channel

If syncing from QuickBooks, add class to orders

Many users sync orders regardless of class. This means any sale you enter into QuickBooks would sync. If you connected another selling channel, like WooCommerce, this means your WooCommerce and hand entered sales would sync through Connex. We recommend adding ShipStation on the top right of each sale.

Screen Shot 2022-05-31 at 10.09.27 AM

Two way syncing counts as two sales

If you sync orders from QuickBooks, ship them in ShipStation, and update the QuickBooks sale, Connex counts this as two orders. 

Deleting sales

If you delete sales in QuickBooks, either by hand or Connex, the synced sales still count towards your limit. If you are testing the sync, enter a small date range or a list of order numbers.