How do the order fields map between Salesforce and QuickBooks?

A table that lists how fields on the order map.

How do they map?

This guide describes fields on the order. For products, read this guide. For accounts and QuickBooks customers, read this guide.

Here is a list of fields:

Salesforce QuickBooks
Effective Date Order Date
QuickBooks Order Number Order Number
Shipping Address Full Name Line 1 of shipping address
Shipping Address Company Name Shipping address company name
Order Billing City Billing City
Order Billing State Billing State
Order Billing Postal Code Billing Postal Code
Order Billing Country Billing Country
Order Billing Company QB Billing Company and if empty, account name
Order Billing Full Name QB Billing Full Name and if empty, account name
Order Phone Phone
Account Email Email
Order First Name Billing First Name
Order Last Name Billing Last Name
Order Ship To First Name Shipping First Name
Order Ship To Last Name Shipping Last Name
Order Ship To Phone Shipping Phone
Order Ship To Shipping Address Shipping Address
Order Ship To City Shipping City
Order Ship To State Shipping State
Order Ship To Postal Code Shipping Postal Code
Order Ship To Country Shipping Country
Line Item Product Code Item Name
Line Item Name Item Description
Line Item Unit Price Line Item Unit Price
Line Item Quantity Line Item Quantity
Line Item Description Item Description
Line Item Inventory Site Item Inventory Site
Line Item Inventory Bin Item Inventory Bin
Other Other
Project Project
Invoice Terms Invoice Terms
Payment Method Payment Method
Sales Rep Sales Rep
Tracking Number Tracking Number
QuickBooks Class Class
Memo Memo
Due Date Due Date
Order Number N/A
Id N/A