How do products map between Salesforce and Connex?

Connex will match or make new items

What fields are supposed to match?

Our software matches products by their price book and product code or product name. If your QuickBooks item name matches the product code or name, then Connex will match.

Connex uses the Salesforce standard price book by default. If your products exist in multiple price books, then Connex will use the proper price book. If your sync said search for products in the non-profit price book and the product existed in the wholesale price book only, then Connex would recreate the product in the non-profit price book.

Here is a Salesforce product:

Here is the QuickBooks item:

Will your software create products?

Our software matches the QuickBooks item name to your product code. If it is missing, then Connex will create it. Here is how the fields map:

Salesforce QuickBooks Notes
Product Code QuickBooks Item Name  
Price Book Default Connex uses Salesforce standard price book by default.
List Price Unit Price  
Active True  
Item Name QuickBooks Item Description