How do I use the rules engine to stop syncing sales from QuickBooks to ShipStation?

How to sync sales regardless of class, but use another field


By default, Connex will sync sales from QuickBooks to ShipStation when the class is ShipStation. In this example, we will use a blank class and use a rule to exclude sales.


You must tell Connex to sync sales regardless of class:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Click settings.
  3. Click orders from QuickBooks.
  4. Next to class, enter sync regardless of class:
  5. Click save.

What if my order has a tracking number?

If your sale has a tracking number, then Connex will exclude it automatically. Connex will log that these sales did not sync. 

Example #1: Exclude by ship via

Here is an example sale that will not sync:

This rule will exclude orders whose ship via is not UPS:

  1. On the Dashboard, click Rules Engine on the left.
  2. Click add new rule.
  3. Choose "map field, based on condition" from the dropdown of rule templates.
  4. As the action, enter "Exclude order from syncing to eCommerce".
  5. In the rules field, enter these values: ship via, is not, UPS.
  6. Leave the last field blank (since it is not needed for this rule type).
  7. Click submit.

Here is the end result: