How do I use alerts and notifications?

Get actionable information sent to your email

What are alerts and notifications?

Connex Reporting will notify you if a financial event occurs at your business. These events include total sales, total revenue, and products sold. Many reporting solutions fail to give end users actionable information; these tools show tables and charts and fail to make recommendations. The purpose of alerts is to notify you, if your goals are met or give you actionable information to meet your goals.

How does this work?

Here are the steps:

  1. On the left navigation, click goals
  2. Set up a goal, like if total revenue exceeds $10,000 in a day.
  3. Have total revenue exceed $10,000 in a day.
  4. At midnight in the background, Connex Reporting will evaluate goals daily. If a goal is met, Connex will email you and show a notification on the dashboard
  5. Connex will show a dashboard notification with a link to a specific report. If your goal was total number of refunds shall not exceed 5, then Connex links to the refunds dashboard.

What time periods are available?

You can use day, week, or month. Goals run from date of install forwards. You can say if an event happens in a 7 day period, but you cannot specify an exact period like March 1st through 7th. 

What criteria can I use for alerts?

For a given period, here is the criteria:

Name Description Example
Total revenue Total sales in dollars If the company makes $10,000 in a week, then email me.
Total number of orders Total number of orders created. Order and fulfillment status is irrelevant If the company receives 200 orders in a day, then email me.
Total number of refunds Total number of refunds If the company has more than 5 refunds in a given day, then email me.
Total refunded revenue Refund total in dollars If total refunds in dollars exceeds $10,000 in a week, then show an alert on my dashboard.
Total revenue specific U.S. state Total sales in dollars for a specific U.S. state If I make $5,000 in Massachusetts in a day, then email me.
Total product units sold Total number of units sold for a product If I sell 100 blue hoodies, then show an alert.