How do I update my Shopify integration to use the Connex listing?

Steps to pair

Do I have to pair?

In Shopify, click settings. On the left, click apps. If you see the Connex for QuickBooks red and green logo, you are all set:

How do I pair?

On October 14th, we merged our Connex for QuickBooks Online and Connex for QuickBooks Desktop Shopify apps into one app. We need to move users to the new app. To continue using Connex, please update to our merged Shopify app:

  1. Log into Connex.
  2. Next to each Shopify connection, click update login:
  3. Click the link asking you to sign into Shopify.
  4. You will see a Shopify install screen. Scroll down and click the install app button.
  5. You will return to Connex for QuickBooks.

Ensure pairing was successful

Here are the steps:

  1. Click orders > order previewer on the left.
  2. Choose a 24 hour date range.
  3. Click preview orders.
  4. You should see a few sales.