Web Connector 3.0

How do I switch back to Web Connector version 2.3 after trying Web Connector 3.0 Beta?

How to uninstall our application from the Web Connector 3.0 App Store, and resume using the Web Connector 3.0

If I uninstall, what happens to my settings?

Your settings will remain intact, but the sync will fail. Pairing our app again will cause the next sync to succeed.

How do I disconnect?

  1. Log into QuickBooks as admin.
  2. Go to edit > preferences > integrated applications.
  3. Click company preferences.
  4. Find Connex for QuickBooks (or any connections that may be paired with Web Connector 3.0) and click "Remove".
  5. Click OK to accept.
  6. Go back to the Connex application and click "Scheduled Tasks"
  7. Click "Delete" on all tasks labeled "Web Connector Sync" 
  8. Head back to the Dashboard and find your connection and click "Pair Computer". This should provide the steps to download the pairing file with Web Connector 2.3.