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How do I troubleshoot syncing orders from QuickBooks Desktop to ShipWorks?

Troubleshooting the ShipWorks integration

How do I troubleshoot syncing orders from QuickBooks Desktop to ShipWorks?

When syncing sales from QuickBooks, ShipWorks sends to Connex no indication that a sale successfully synced from QuickBooks to ShipWorks, due to limitations with ShipWorks. Therefore, Connex assumes any order sent to ShipWorks (from QuickBooks) synced successfully.

In this article, you'll find steps to determine if a sale from QuickBooks synced to ShipWorks successfully and if not, how to troubleshoot.

I synced a sale from QuickBooks. How do I know if it worked?

Since both QuickBooks and ShipWorks are desktop applications, this comes with some inherent and unavoidable limitations. For example, when syncing sales from QuickBooks to ShipWorks, the ShipWorks software doesn't tell Connex that the sale synced successfully.

To determine if a sale synced to ShipWorks successfully, view the filters on the left:

How do I locate pending sales waiting to sync?

To determine what is currently waiting to sync to ShipWorks from QuickBooks, Connex offers a pending queue. To view this queue:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. From the Connex dashboard, locate the ShipWorks integration, then click Manage.
  3. Expand Orders > Sync orders from QuickBooks > pending queue. This table holds all orders that Connex will process, if ShipWorks downloads the sales.
  4. In ShipWorks, click the download button.
  5. In ShipWorks, check for errors.

What if a sale failed to sync? Why would it fail?

Aside from the natural limitations inherent with desktop software, there are numerous reasons why a sale in the QuickBooks > ShipWorks workflow may fail to sync. For example:

  • Is the required Class tag missing from the sale in QuickBooks? This would explain why it is missing from the queue. Without the required Class, Connex will fail to "see" it.
  • Has the QuickBooks Web Connector be run?
  • Does the order have a valid billing and shipping address? If the billing and/or shipping address is incorrectly formatted, ShipWorks will not accept it.
  • Is ShipWorks updated to the latest version? Older versions of ShipWorks are incompatible. Be sure to update to the latest version of ShipWorks.
  • In ShipWorks, are there any download error messages?
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