Account Management FAQ

How do I transfer/update my account login in Connex Desktop?

Connex for QuickBooks offers one user name per account. If necessary, you can transfer the account to another user. 

How do I transfer my account in Connex Desktop?

The first step is to register for a new Connex account. Next, contact Connex and request an account transfer. On the back end, we will transfer the settings to the new account.  You will need to run your web connector to complete the process. 

 What are the steps? 

  1. Logout of Connex for QuickBooks. 
  2. Register for a new Connex account user:
  3. From the Connex Dashboard at the top right, submit a support ticket, requesting an account transfer. 
    1. Please provide:
        • Your old account email address
        • Your new account email address
  4. When Connex receives your email, we will transfer the account settings on the back end and we will notify you (by email to the new email address) when the process is complete.
  5. Run your web connector to complete the process.  When the web connector has run, and the 2 green bars reach 100%, the process is complete. 

You will now be able to login to Connex with the new email address, and all your settings will be in tact. 

I am missing sales in QuickBooks, how can I sync them to QuickBooks? 

If you need to sync missing orders, you can perform a Manual Sync


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